GoldenEye 007 HD Remake Cover Image

Rare Replay GoldenEye 007 HD Review

Disclaimer: This review is based on the Xbox One Rare Replay version of the game. “For England – James” Trevelyan, 006 It’s finally here, Bond is back in full force in Rare Replay’s Goldeneye 007 HD remaster. From the moment I started up the game and saw the opening screens, the beginning credits with James […]

How Diablo II captivated a generation.

What was it about Diablo II that captivated an entire generation of pc gamers? Even as of the time of this writing (2019), logging into the U.S. East servers reveal a few thousand active players at any given time, with hundreds of public games to join. Now a legend, Diablo II has become the defining […]

DOOM Eternal Game Artwork

DOOM Eternal Pre-Release Review

I have played Doom since I was about 5 years old. I can remember sitting on my grandpa’s lap, he would make the doom slayer run and I would do the shooting. Growing up I loved Doom 1 & 2! The second installment (Doom II) in the series is what I played the most growing […]