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Is PHP Still Relevant in 2022?

PHP 8.X is fantastic with great OOP support, enhanced performance, and more to offer than ever. Check out this video to compare version 7.4 versus HHVM/Hack performance and similarity (version 8.x is even more performant now with JIT compiling).

Need multi-threading? https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.pthreads.php

Need asynchronous event loop? https://reactphp.org/

Need a content management system?

Need eCommerce Software?

One could say that the language was not built with asynchronous programming as a foundational core feature of the language, and that would be accurate. However, solutions exist for this functionality if you need it. Depending on your requirements, PHP may not be the correct fit for your project, where something like Node.js may fit your requirements better. However, if you are a PHP developer or company then using something like ReactPHP is really just a matter or preference as opposed to using something like Node.js

The language dominates the market (it will be around for decades) and also has a competitive market, and, fits many project profiles making it a great candidate for your next project. With a huge community, great support, and tons of libraries and frameworks, there is a lot at developers disposal in 2022 and into the foreseeable future.

And just for a chuckle, I found this quote from Brandon Savage a bit humorous:

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